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Friday, August 12, 2011

Murder by Stiletto - Shame by Shoe Size

I’ve written about women shoe obsessions on several occasions, but I just cannot resist commenting on the latest news feeds pertaining to women and their shoes.
Believe it or not, the woman with the largest collection of shoes is not the infamous shoe lover, Victoria Beckham. It is of all people, a poker pro. Beth Shark is world class poker player and proud owner of 1,200 pairs of shoes. Not just any kind of shoes either, but rather revolving closets of high end designers such as Jimmy Choo, YSL, and Louboutin. Shark will be featured in a documentary on women and shoes, “God Save My Shoes,” that will premier during Fashion Week. The documentary not only exposes famous shoe lovers but also investigates the psychology behind obsessive shoe buying. Spoiler alert: they may have found a connection between shoes and sex. Some go as far to say that the foot analogous to the penis!!!. I am very interested to see how they explain that connection!

Some women have hundreds of shoes, but some only need one. A woman in Georgia was arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend with a stiletto heel during a domestic dispute. The autopsy report has not been received but officials are confident that is was a blow to the head with the spike of a high heel that lead to the man’s death. Conceal and carry…. Why would you when you can defend yourself with fashionable footwear?

What could be worse than being attacked by a cute shoe but being attacked by a size 9! Online shoe sales are higher than ever and women’s feet are growing. Women with large feet are so ashamed of their foot size that they have a higher tendency to buy behind the computer. Reports are showing that the demand for size 9 has increased over 80% and 82% of Women who wear size 8 and 9 say they are embarrassed by their shoe size. 67% of all size 9 shoes are bought online and 47% of women admit they lie to partners and friends about their shoe size. What is going on here? The average female shoe size has increased 1.5 sizes in the last 10 years and many researchers are attributing this to the increase in size of American women. That hamburger is going straight to your feet!!!

All in today’s news: Shoes linked to hoarders, penises, murder, shame, and weight gain. Today in my office I didn’t have quite this display of shoe predicaments but I did find shoes linked to both pain and pain relief. Maybe what we put on our feet is more than just shoes. It is fashion, passion, revenge, dignity, humility, therapy, and of course….priceless.

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