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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rihanna Attacks Chris Brown with Stilleto!

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic dispute is the hot topic everywhere. Chris Brown if claiming self defense and now Rihanna is backing him up! According to friends of the couple, Chris claims that Rihanna came after him first using her stiletto as weapon. Are high heels a weapon!

Ladies, don’t worry about protecting yourself with a gun or pepper spray. Just slip on those red high heels and you have your weapon of choice. Just take a look at your or your lady’s stiletto. The heel comes to a sharp point that would easily cause damage to the attacker. It is easy to grip, and goes with your outfit! What more could you want from a weapon?

Maybe it is true that a high heel can be used for personal protection but let us not forget who the real victim is. It is you. Though heels are sexy, stylish, and fun to wear, they can cause significant damage to your feet. There is nothing sexy, stylish or fun about an ugly foot. According to the American Woman in Podiatrist, a heel of one inch causes knee strain and once the heel reaches three inches there is more than seven times more pressure on the balls of the foot. This is unnatural. Our feet were not designed to function this way! When you put your foot under this pressure, you are compromising the normal biomechanics of walking or even standing.

What does this all mean? Under the blisters, aches and pains, your foot may be redesigning itself. Many of us have heard about ancient Chinese foot binding. They would painfully wrap young girl’s feet in an unnatural position and overtime the foot would deform to the binding. The process was excruciating and the women lived with pain for the rest of their lives. The stiletto is almost a modern day foot binding. If you wear heels often, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons may change. Your body naturally does this to compromise for the abnormal pressures and position. These adaptations cause disruptions in normal foot functions even when you are not wearing heels. This will lead to deformities. Have you ever seen a bunion?

Deformities are not the only side effect. A neuroma is a common benign nerve tumor that causes horrible pain. High heels or any tight toed shoes can lead to neuromas. A tight shoe forces your foot to be squeezed together. Your bones are more likely to cause friction or irritation to surrounding tissues. This persistent irritation leads to neuroma. Though there is no real threat to having a neuroma, it does cause significant pain and impedes on your daily lifestyle.
Blisters! Ouch. Not only do they hurt but they increase your chance of infection. I don’t care what the occasion; a foot infection is not sexy or stylish.

There are tons of remedies for achy feet. If we wore better shoes, our feet wouldn’t hurt so badly. I will admit most shoes that our healthy for your feet are not stylish and do not highlight a ladies figure like stilettos. So I am willing to meet you half way. Everything good in life should be enjoyed with moderation. Once and a while wear those red high heels and have a good time. Don’t forget to leave you pepper spray at home. You will be wearing Rhanna’s weapon of choice!