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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Are Crocs Good For Your Feet?

What’s with these Crocs?

If you are a shoe watcher like me, you may have noticed an interesting new trend. Crocs! They are a very interesting shoe that comes in almost every color and size. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents is cruising around in this flashy, foamy, footwear. You can even buy decorations for your crocs if getting them in hot pink is not enough. Though these appear very comfy, how do they rate for your feet?
There is actually a special line of Crocs for the medical profession, Crocs Rx. These are made with better material and have more support than the average Croc. They were especially designed for people with common foot ailments. They have a wide toe and firm support! These shoes are a great substitute for your slippers, garden shoes, or even your everyday shoes. They are made with deeper insole that allows for a comfortable fit with your orthotics. Crocs Rx are especially useful for diabetics because they have a wide toe and some have built-in antimicrobial properties. Crocs Rx can actually provide better support than some of your high end athletic shoes.
Before you go out and buy your new pair of Crocs, make sure you are buying the Rx line. They are only available through the medical community. You may find them at some pharmacies, and podiatric medical offices. Always check with your podiatric physician to find out if this footwear is appropriate for your foot type. Like any shoe, it is not good to wear the same shoe every day. A major benefit of these shoes is its ability to fit comfortably with an orthotic insert. You should be very selective with type of inserts you are putting into your shoes because no foot is created equal. Your podiatric physician can also assist you in finding the correct orthotic device and can also make you a custom orthotic.
So if you are looking for shoe that is convenient and fun, but do not want to sacrifice comfort, Crocs Rx may the new shoe for you! It’s trendy and podiatrist approved!

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Dr. Jennifer Feeny said...

I have a pair of Crocs that I use in my house exclusively as my "bedroom slippers". This way, my feet do not hit the floor in the morning without support for my feet. This is especially important for those suffering from heel pain.